Would You Apply “Lesser of Two Evils” Principle in Other Scenarios?

A company has a new leadership position opening, as Edward has stepped down after eight years. Denise, the hiring manager, is looking for replacements, and she looks at two likely candidates:  Alice and Bob. Alice has been employed at the library for at least two decades, and she has held various positions there. Bob, however, is new and has very little experience in the company’s field. Who will Denise choose?

Denise then examines the records of both Alice and Bob. She finds that Alice has been involved in various criminal activities such as embezzlement and taking bribes. Bob, however, has had a record of insulting other employees, and many of his projects have led to costly failures. As a result, both of them are involved in lawsuits. Obviously, Denise can’t choose either of these people, so she looks at other candidates. One of these candidates is Charlie, who has a clean record with the company. Charlie gets along with other employees, and he has no criminal charges against him. Denise is impressed with Charlie, and promotes him to the leadership position.

Does this sound familiar? It should, because this is the result of the Presidential election if you voted for a third party. Every election year, we see the “Lesser of Two Evils” principle used to vote for candidates that we may not like, but prefer to somebody we absolutely can not tolerate. But think about my scenario: You wouldn’t apply this principle to any other job, why would you apply it to the Presidency?

This fall, don’t vote for either the experienced but corrupt Alices (better known as Hillary Clinton) or the incompetent newcomer Bob (Donald Trump). Vote for the honorable and competent Charlies of America.

God Bless America,

The Centrist Voice


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