An Open Letter to the Democratic and Republican National Committees: My Declaration of Independents

To the Democratic and Republican National Committees,

You disgust me, both of you. Your behavior during this election year has demonstrated that neither of you deserve my vote. In fact, you disgust me to the point where I have declined to address you as “Dear” or “The Honorable”. The former manner of address would imply that I hold you in high regard, while the latter would imply that you are worthy of honor. Neither of you deserve neither regard or honor, and here are my reasons.

Let me begin with the Democratic Party. You are the party that had gotten me started in politics. Or, should I say “you were that party”. It sickens me that you have betrayed your principles by anointing  Hillary Rodham Clinton as your party’s nominee. On your website, you claim to be the party that “fights for progress“. In reality, Hillary Clinton has strong ties to Wall Street, supported the PATRIOT Actwas one of the leading forces behind our disastrous intervention in Libya, and has exploited Citizens United‘s ruling on campaign expenditures. Meanwhile, you have marginalized Bernie Sanders, who has had a stronger history of upholding progressive values than Clinton. Indeed, Senator Sanders has consistently opposed corporate bailouts, the PATRIOT Act, the intervention in Libya, and opposed Citizens United. By nominating Hillary Clinton, you have forsaken your right to claim yourselves as the party of progressive values.

In 2008, you nominated Barack Obama for President. In 2008, Obama chose “Change You Can Believe In” for his campaign slogan. In between that time and the 2012 election, Obama continued many of the same disastrous policies of his predecessor, George W. Bush. Largely because of this, he chose “Forward” for his campaign slogan in the 2012 election. Even after his re-election, he continued several regressive policies: The Snowden affair, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, etc. Yet you either defended these actions and touted his progressive accomplishments, or you merely ignored them. It’s 2016, and I can see some progressive accomplishments (The Lilly Ledbetter Act, Healthcare reform, the Cuban Thaw, etc.), but there is still work to be done. If we truly are going to believe in change and move forward, the American people should deserve better than you. However, these criticisms do not, and I repeat do not, make me a Republican or conservative. Nor do they make a socialist. I am merely an American. On the contrary, you are no better than the Republican Party you despise if you continue to ignore these serious problems.

Now, let me move on to the Republican National Committee. You claim to be the party of family values and economic success. During this election year, you have marginalized several more qualified candidates in favor of Donald Trump, a thrice-married narcissist and bigot with a history of failed business ventures. In addition, you have ignored Donald Trump’s lack of political experience while constantly decrying Obama’s incomplete term as Senator before President. If you nominate Trump for your candidate in the Republican National Convention, you will have lost, for the rest of history, any credibility to call yourselves the party of family values and economic success. Imagine if a Democrat had done half the things Trump has done in his personal life or in his professional career, and he was running for President. You would not hesitate to denounce him as amoral. You claim to be the party of moral responsibility, and yet you act oblivious towards Trump’s offensive statements, and in several cases even standing by them. If you were truly the party of moral responsibility, you would withdraw your support for Trump.

For his campaign slogan, Trump has chosen “Make America Great Again”. Ask yourselves this, Republicans: How does building a wall alongside the United States-Mexican border make America “great”? Or how about forcing Muslims to wear identification, if not banning them from the country altogether? Neither of those actions would make America great again. On the contrary, it would further alienate us from our neighbors. You claim to believe in the American Dream, yet you support deporting immigrants. On the Statue of Liberty, it clearly reads: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free“. Given your actions over the last eight years, you have failed in that promise in realizing the American Dream. These criticisms do not make me a liberal, or a Democrat or a socialist. Nor am I a so-called “right-wing populist” or a libertarian. Again, I am merely an American. You are no better than the Democrats that you despise if you fail to assist others live the American Dream.

In conclusion, your behavior during this election season has demonstrated your ugly sides. You are twisted reflections of each other, and thin caricatures of your erstwhile selves. Neither of you have no right to call yourselves proud to be what you are. 2016 will be remembered as the year when the Democratic-Republican system finally went down in flames. In the ashes, there will arise a new America. This new America will be a multi-party country, where the American people have more than two major choices on their ballots. I will wait for that day.

God Bless America,

An American Citizen


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