I voted today. Here’s who I voted for and why.

I voted early today. Yes, after a year or so or observing the primaries and the debates, I finally did my civic duty. I did so because I knew it was the right thing to do.

During this election season, I had found it difficult in deciding who vote for. One method to alleviate this uncertainty was to weigh the pros and cons of each of the candidates. I had effectively ruled out both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as I had clearly stated in my “Open Letter to the Democrats and Republicans“. I intended to follow through on my promise, and I did. However, over time, I have found flaws in the third party candidate Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. Which begs the question: If you can’t find yourself to get vote for Trump, Clinton, Stein, or Johnson, then who did you vote for? Well, the answer might surprise you.

I wrote in Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson.

Of course, some of you might be surprised. Some of you might even get a little angry. Here’s my justification for voting for Evan McMullin. As I stated in my piece “The McMullin Solution“, I proposed that “Never Trump” conservatives should vote or write in McMullin because he would split the vote among conservatives, preventing Trump from winning. Personally, I consider myself mildly center-left, and I will admit that I do have personal reservations about McMullin. Yes it’s true, McMullin did work for the CIA and Goldman Sachs, which would alienate many progressives and liberals. Yes, it’s true that McMullin believes that he believes that Guantanamo Bay should be kept open, which I personally disagree with. Furthermore, McMullin believes that “we should do better than [the Affordable Care Act] (better known as Obamacare) and that we should lower corporate and income taxes. Despite my personal objections to these stances, I believe that McMullin would actually keep Trump from being elected. This is because Trump, as clearly stated in my “Denouncing the Donald” series, has demonstrated that he lacks the morality, temperament, and intellect to be President of the United States. In order for Trump to not be elected, conservatives should and must turn their votes away from him.

Not to mention, McMullin has some moderate positions. For example, McMullin opposes the death penalty, which Trump supports. He also opposes having the Confederate flag be flown on government property. Furthermore, he favors equal pay for men and women (which Trump opposes). McMullin believes that Muslim women should be allowed to wear the niqab or face veil. Another position that McMullin parts from Trump on is that McMullin believes that children of illegal immigrants should be granted legal citizenship. If McMullin’s more moderate positions can erode Trump’s alt-right base, so be it.

Of course, some of my more progressive readers and followers would argue that I could have achieved that goal by voting for Jill Stein. I will admit that that was a valid argument, and I myself had considered voting for Jill Stein. That was until I thought about her plan for student loan bailout erodes the separation of powers. In addition, Stein believes that we should withdraw from NATO. Furthermore, my libertarian followers would have suggested that I vote for Gary Johnson, and I myself had considered voting for him. That was, until he demonstrated an galling lack of understanding of foreign affairs with gaffes such as his infamous “What is Aleppo” blunder and his inability to name a world leader that he respects. Furthermore, Johnson’s belief in limited government would be disastrous for America as it would actually increase income inequality. Based on this information, it’s clear that neither the Greens or the Libertarians are acceptable alternatives to the Republicans or Democrats.

As I had stated before, I did have my reservations about who I was voting for. I was hoping for a honorable, intelligent candidate who could bring the country. All of the candidates – whether they be major party or third party – in this election have proven to be disappointments. But I had to do something, because if I didn’t, something far worse would have happened.

God Bless America,

The Centrist Voice


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