My Thoughts on the Election Results

Well, it’s official. In the wee hours on November 8-9, Donald John Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States. Yes, after a rough campaign, Hillary Clinton lost to Trump. In addition, the Republican Party won a majority in both the House and the Senate. This was an election that will probably go down as one of America’s most controversial. But it’s now over, and the votes have been counted.

In retrospect, I believe that the Democratic Party had brought this upon themselves. They probably would have won had they nominated Bernie Sanders. He, not Hillary Clinton, would have provided a clear alternative to Donald Trump. But the Democratic Party had to nominate Hillary Clinton, ignoring her blatant moral failings such as her email scandal and her ties to Wall Street, simply because she would have been the first female President of the United States. They ignored Hillary’s dark side, and it had cost them dearly. But they are not the only ones responsible.

I also blame both the Libertarian and Green Parties. Jill Stein siphoned votes away from Hillary Clinton, as did Gary Johnson. Granted, I was never going to vote for Hillary Clinton myself, but by the end of the election I had thought that a Hillary victory would be preferable alternative to Trump. In addition, I blame the apoliticals and non-voters, for their ignorance and indifference led to Trump becoming President.

When this election began, I was wary of both Trump and Clinton. For this reason, I began compiling these series of blogs titled the “Denouncing the Donald” and the “My Disgust with the Democratic Party” series. I had also called on Gary Johnson and Jill Stein to form a coalition based on their common beliefs. Furthermore, I had called on both the “Never Hillary” and “Never Trump” movements to leave both parties. Despite all this, Trump won, and now we are going to pay for it.


Pray for America,

The Centrist Voice


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