Trump’s Classified Information Leaks

Today, I learned something quite disturbing. Today, I learned that Donald Trump, in a meeting with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, bragged about highly sensitive information regarding a terror plot planned by ISIS. While this, in theory, would not be illegal, it was considered a breach of intelligence protocol, as Trump was not given permission to disclose this information by our allies. This could pose a serious threat to our intelligence operations, and therefore a national security risk.

Personally, I am very disgusted by this. We have a president who apparently enjoys the perks and privileges of his office more so than the responsibilities that come with them. The greatest responsibility of the office of President is protecting our nation and its people, and Trump has failed in that regard.

Here is my message to Republicans: This is on you. The time for bringing up Obama and Hillary’s (mis)handling of the Benghazi attack are over. Trump is President now, not Obama. You voted for Trump, and you have to suffer the consequences.


The Centrist and Independent Voice


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