My Declaration for 2018

My Fellow Americans,

We have almost made it through Trump’s first year in office. It is good that we put the events of 2017 behind us. However, we should use 2018 to learn from our mistakes, and rectify them.  For America, this is an important lesson, as 2018 is a midterm election year.

The events of 2017 have taught me that Donald Trump is far too dangerous to remain President until 2020. His erratic temperament pose an existential threat to the world due to his access to the nuclear launch codes. In addition, his constant denunciations of respectable news outlets such as CNN and The New York Times as “fake news” pose a threat to our freedom of expression and our access to news. Furthermore, Trump’s lack of understanding of American government and could cause the United States to descend to authoritarianism. In short, Trump must be restrained or leave office.

For that reason, I have decided to reiterate my decision to vote straight-ticket Democratic in this year’s midterm elections. Personally, I consider myself a centrist and independent, and I would normally advocate for Democrats and Republicans to work together for the greater good. However, in these very turbulent times, I believe that divided government is the key to America’s future in the Trump era at least until 2020. We need to have Trump restrained for the remainder of his term in office, and we need to elect Democrats to both the House and Senate to accomplish that.

Of course, a portion of my readers might denounce me as a hypocrite for advocating for voting straight-ticket Democratic to curtail Trump’s Presidency when I did not vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, which would have presented Trump’s Presidency in the first place. As stated before, I have learned from that mistake, and it is time for America to do so. Furthermore, I have speculated something: If Republicans lose the 2018 midterms, it would taint the image of Trump’s brand. I have witnessed Trump’s reactions to the defeats of both Luther Strange and Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate election last year. Imagine what Trump would do if Democrats win either the House or the Senate (or both). That would be the end of Trump.

We have work to do in 2018. Let’s do it.


The Centrist Voice




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